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Debuting project

The European project Debutingwhich receives co-funding from Interreg Europe, sets out to further gender equality and inclusion in companies with a view to making them more competitive through the improvement and development of 10 public instruments. 

Operational objectives:

  • Increase the business capacities of more than 7,500 SMEs by enabling them to develop more innovative business models through a more inclusive culture.
  • Improve the effectiveness of existing measures, design new and more innovative ones and improve monitoring and evaluation with adequate indicators.
  • Increase the awareness and capacity of political figures and clusters to tackle gender equality in industry as a critical factor in enabling SMEs to grow and be more competitive.

To achieve these objectives, the project includes visits to each participating region to discover their best practices, training workshops on issues linked to gender perspectives, discussion groups, exchanges between regions and analysis in some regions. 

Participating entities in Navarre:

Besides Sodena, which is the project partner, the General Directorate of Social Economy and Labour of the Department of Social Rights, Social Economy and Employment of the Government of Navarre also acts as an associate. Other participants include the Regional Institute of Equality and other local entities that act as regional interest groups to develop the project in Navarre: SNE, AmednaCENAEDIPE, General Directorate of Vocational Training of the Government of Navarre, UPNA (Public University of Navarre), and the clusters Enercluster and Functional Print.


The project commenced in March 2023 and is expected to last 3 years with an additional year for monitoring. 

Partner regions in Europe:

Värmland (Sweden), Lapland (Finland), North-Vest (Romania), Lower Austria (Austria), Magyarország (Hungary), Emilia-Romagna (Italy), Pomorskie (Poland), Grand Est (France) and Baden-Württemberg (Germany).

Total budget: 2,279,549 euros. 

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