Company ethics

Company ethics

Integrity, objectivity, honesty and responsibility are basic ethical values for the public companies that form part of the Public Business Corporation of Navarre.


That is why all the public companies of the Government of Navarre have had a Code of Ethics and Conduct since 2018. This code represents the formal expression of our values, principles and guidelines for ethical dealings. It has the force of law within our organisations, and is therefore established as the general framework and guide that we need to apply in the performance of each and every function to ensure that our conduct is ethical and responsible.

All the employees and officers who provide special services in the public companies of the Government of Navarre should, in all their activities, be guided by the ethical values enshrined in said code and endeavour to comply with all the ethical principles by applying the established guidelines.

The code applies to all the persons who work in the public companies of the Government of Navarre, regardless of their position in the company hierarchy. The code is therefore applicable to every member of staff, be they permanently contracted and temporary employees, management personnel or members of the board of directors.

You can download the Sodesa Code of Ethics and Conduct at this link.

Map of Risks of Criminal Liabilities by the Public Business Corporation of Navarre and appointment of Crime Prevention Office

Additional measures in the area of Compliance include the Sodena Map of Risks of Criminal Liabilities, in which areas and activities that may entail criminal proceedings for those who carry them out, and the appointment of a company crime prevention officer.



In 2018, an Ethics Channel was established at the same time as the Code of Ethics and Conduct to enable practices, conduct, actions and omissions to be reported after which criminal action would be taken for said practices, etc. against legal entities.

In 2023, after the entry into force of Law 2/2023, regulating the protection of persons who report infringements of the law and the fight against corruption, the Ethics Channel was replaced by an Information Channel that can be used both by staff of the public companies of Navarre and by any external individual. The main objective is to help in the early detection of possible negative situations, irregularities or undue conduct within the Corporation, check them confidentially and take appropriate measures.

Sodena Internal Information System Policy

Sodena Internal Information System Management Procedure