Responsible investment policy

We consider responsible investment as a duty inherent to our mission as a public company. We are committed to best practices and are aware that their integration is a gradual process of continuous improvement.

The consideration of environmental, social and corporate governance criteria (ESG factors) in all actions and projects contributes to the long-term sustainable value creation of companies. Additional levers for value creation are identified through the active management of investees and risks are identified and managed, thereby reducing the risk profile of the investments made.

It details our responsible investment beliefs, the principles and commitments to which we adhere, as well as how we manage the integration of ESG factors into the investment process in our responsible investment policy.


Project analysis stage

  • Preliminary analysis: Review of exclusions
  • ESG Due Diligence: Analysis of the main ESG risks and opportunities.
  • Investment decision-making.

Company monitoring stage

  • Boosting ESG factors in companies.
  • ESG coordination responsibilities.
  • Selection of a person in charge.
  • Measurement of indicators.
  • Monitoring of objectives.

Divestment/divestment phase

  • Demonstrate the contribution to the creation of a more sustainable enterprise.