Invest in Navarra

Invest in Navarra

The Government of Navarre, committed to the internationalisation of the region, has entrusted Sodena with the mission of attracting and consolidating foreign investment in Navarre.

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Invest in Navarra leads a proactive strategy for attracting business investment, with the aim of attracting projects and facilitating their implementation in the region. To this end, it focuses its activity on the sectors with the greatest potential to create wealth for the region, either because of the strengths of the productive fabric of Navarre or because of their effect on other sectors. These are the agri-food, automotive, health, renewable energies, and information and communication technologies.

To this end, Invest in Navarra offers tailor-made solutions to investment teams interested in the region with a wide range of advisory and support services, covering all their needs during the process of making the decision to set up in the region. These services are customised and include: search for suitable locations, provision of information on the quality and cost of the business environment in Navarra, organisation of visits to the region and support during the implementation phase.

In addition, since 2009, this area has been coordinating the “Aftercare” programme, an initiative that visits multinational companies located in Navarre every two years.