Start Up Capital Navarra

Start Up Capital Navarra

Start Up Capital Navarra is a Business Promotion Company fostered by the Government of Navarre and managed by Sodena, with the participation of 20 public and private companies from the financial, industrial, higher education and business promotion sectors.

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Bankable projects

Business projects in start-up phases with a high growth potential for Navarre. They should be innovative or distinctive projects that enable new market niches and qualified employment to be created or opened up in Navarre.

Financing is offered via participation in the corporate capital as a minority shareholder, along with strategic collaboration to enable the company to develop in its early life cycle.

Investment features

  • Maximum investment of 500,000 euros and minimum of 100,000 euros, which can be increased in projects regarded as strategic, with considerable growth potential or other characteristics that make the project an important one.
  • Sodena’s participation in the company is between 5% and 45%.
  • Participation in the company capital is temporary, and lasts for periods of up to 12 years.
  • A company agreement is signed with the promotion team, with the most important clause being a share repurchase agreement.
  • Approval: Board of directors of Sodena.

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