Navarra Tech Transfer Fund

Navarra Tech Transfer Fund

The Navarra Tech Transfer fund is the first public-private fund to be promoted by the Government of Navarre through Sodena to further the creation of tech-based companies in the Regional Community of Navarre.


The fund is managed by a local firm called Clave (a fund management company), and has a net worth of 4,717,000 euros, 50% of which come from ERDF funds while the other 50% comes from ten local companies: Clave, Electrónica Falcón, Frenos Iruña, Grupo AN, Grupo Infarco, Instrumentación y Componentes (Inycom), Mapsa, M. Torres, Viscofán and Sakana S. Coop.

Bankable projects

Companies and projects in the early stages of development or that have been recently created, with a technological base provided by research centres, technology centres, universities, companies and/or the research teams of same, along with other entities that boost innovation in Navarre.

The aim is to facilitate the transfer of research outcomes and technological developments to the market.

They should also be aligned with the strategic sectors defined in the Smart Specialisation Strategy of Navarre, carry out activities in the region and present a business plan for the investment project.

Investment features

  • Average investment per project: 500,000 euros, either through a minority capital interest or through a participating loan
  • Vesting period: at least 4 to 6 years from the initial contribution.

Organisations interested in the fund can apply for funding at the Clave website.

ERDF funds

The investment strategy falls within the provisions established in the European Regional Development Fund Operational Programme (ERDF) of Navarre 2014-2020: “Promotion of business investment in innovation, research and development of links and synergies between companies, research and development centres and the higher education sector”, and the aim is to facilitate technology transfer from universities and technology centres in Navarre to the business sector.

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