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Orizont is an innovation accelerator for the agrifood industry in Navarre, managed by Sodena since 2015

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It promotes and boosts the implementation of disruptive innovation in the sector by supporting local, national and international entrepreneurs and startups that want to grow through real collaboration with leading companies in the sector.

What is its aim? 

Generate business opportunities and synergies in the agrifood sector while also improving the future competitiveness of agrifood companies, enabling new, more profitable and more competitive products, services and strategies to be developed thanks to closer connections between startups and companies.

What does Orizont offer?

  • Access to innovation challenges for leading companies in the agrifood sector.
  • Minimum contract of 25,000 euros for the startup that solves the challenge.
  • Professional workshops.
  • Access to financing of up to 400,000 euros.
  • Award for the most innovative startup.

Navarre is home to one of the leading agrifood clusters in Spain. It promotes and facilitates innovative processes. The agrifood sector is the second largest area in the regional economy, with more than 600 companies, 13,500 direct jobs and 3,000 million euros in turnover.

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