Luis Goñi Navarro

Luis Goñi

Regional Strategy Manager

Bachelor's Degree of Law (University of Navarra), Postgraduate in Legal Practice (Estanislao Aranzadi School) and in Financial Management and Auditing (Foro Europeo).

Since December 2015, he has been part of the Sodena staff in the area of Regional Strategy.
In the year 98 he began his professional life as a lawyer in Alonso & Esparza, and later as an independent professional with his own office. Between 2002 and 2006 he combined his work as a lawyer with his role as professional mediator for Xilema, an entity of which he is a founding partner, and in which he is a member of the Board and Director of Administration and Finance (2006-2009). He joined ANAIN (Navarra Agency for Innovation) as Project Manager in 2009 to develop the Plan Moderna, passing in 2012 to the Moderna Foundation as deputy director.

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