• Acuerdo de financiación ENISA - Sodena


ENISA and Sodena have signed an agreement to invest in business projects set up in Navarra that contribute innovation and improve the competiveness of the region’s business fabric.

Business projects that are eligible for receiving funding should be innovative and provide competitive advantages in their sector. They should also be based in Navarra and have a viable and profitable business model. The agreement runs for four years, and comes into effect immediately.

The investments made by ENISA will range from 25,000 euros to 1,500,000 euros. In the case of Sodena, the minimum investment in each project will be 25,000 euros.

Both institutions have previously shared investment projects in the region and have now decided to join forces to reach their respective objectives in a more efficient and viable manner.

In order to coordinate their actions, ENISA and Sodena will set up an investment committee that will meet every quarter to exchange information on investment proposals and update the investments already under way, while always respecting the confidentiality of the projects.

Contact with Sodena or ENISA to present your projects.


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