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Biotechnology / Health

3P Biopharmaceuticals

A CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization) specialised in the development and production of biological (mainly proteins) and cell therapy products for clinical trials and commercial phases under GMP conditions.

Ability Pharma


A biotechnology company that develops "first-in-class" molecules, causing autophagy due to the overexpression of Tribbles pseudokinase 3 (TRIB3) to treat multiple aggressive cancers.

Albyn Medical

A biotechnology company that designs, manufactures and markets medical consumables in the areas of urology and gastroenterology that are sold through distributors worldwide.

Davalor Salud

Company in the health sector that develops and makes commercial use of hardware and software for the exploration, diagnosis and therapy of products designed to solve problems of visual function.

Digna Biotech

A biotechnology company whose mission is to generate clinical therapy and diagnosis candidates based on research carried out in CIMA and to create alliances in the pharmaceuticals industry for the later marketing of these products.


A biotechnology company dedicated to the development of therapeutic vaccines to treat chronic infections and cancers. Its platform is based on recombinant proteins consisting of an endogenous ligand for TLR4 combined with specific antigens of the illness. Its main objective is to advance its first vaccine to the clinical stage.

Idifarma Development Farmaceútico

Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization providing services to the pharmaceutical industry, specialising in highly potent drugs (cytotoxic, cytostatic, etc).

InnoUp Farma

InnoUp Farma is a company dedicated to nanotechnology innovation, that seeks to develop solutions for the administration of oral drugs using a platform that enables oral administration of anti-cancer drugs with low oral bioavailability.

Inveready Biotech II y III SCR

Venture capital company managed by Inveready Seed Capital FCR, specialized in investments in Spanish companies focused on biotech, pharma, nutraceutical and health products trading, with a high potential of growth.

The presence of Sodena in this firms generates a multiplier effect of financial resources for future Sodena ventures in Navarra. Also, this will enable Sodena to count on IBII and IBIII as a prospective co-investor in Sodena's projects as well as to increase the number of initiatives within the scope in which our firm operates in Navarra.


A biotechnology company focused on generating innovative and high quality pharmaceutical research programs based on the modulation of clinically validated therapeutic targets for the treatment of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

Ojer Pharma

A pharmaceutical company that develops and markets dermatological drugs.


PaloBiofarma is a biotech company set up in 2006 that has a platform to generate antagonists and selective agonists of adenosine receptors. The company has two developments in the pipeline that are in the clinical phase.

Proretina Therapeutics

A company in the biopharmaceutical sector that develops drugs for the treatment of dystrophy and degeneration of the retina. Its main molecule is proinsulin (Pro-001) and its development is based on the delayed death of photoreceptors in patients that suffer pigmentary retinosis. It complements its pipeline with a peptide to treat a degenerative disease such as glaucoma.

Suan Biotech FCR

An investment fund oriented towards biotechnology that takes part in projects for both human and animal health.

Ysios Biofund I FCR

Fund oriented exclusively to investments in biotechnology projects. It is the largest specialized fund in the biotechnology sector.


Envasados Eva

Navarre company elaborating, packing and distributing ciders, gasified juices, must, liquors, vinegars and other derivatives of apple and grape.

Iden Biotechnology

A scientifically-based company that mainly works on the creation, transfer and exploitation of agri-biotechnology know-how. It uses agri-biotechnology and micro-biotechnology tools for the development of a patent portfolio to improve crops and it also develops new agro-biochemical products.

Mahn Mac Group - Egrín Alimentación

Navarre company dedicated to the preparation, packaging and marketing of fifth-range products (salads, salads, sauces, spreads and sandwiches).


Navarre company that manufactures and markets a postbiotic for the replacement of antibiotics and improvement of immune stimulation in animal feed.

Piscifactoría de Sierra Nevada / Caviar Persé

A company that produces caviar from sturgeon roe, plus derived products such as sturgeon meat.

Protectora de Carnes


Navarre company dedicated to the slaughter of cattle, sheep and horses.

Punto Futuro FCR

The development and management of Punto Futuro is done by Clave Mayor, S.A., SGECR.

Punto Futuro’s purpose is to take a temporary stake in projects in the agrifood sector in the widest sense, covering companies that produce products for direct consumption and service or consumption providers for these products (packaging, software, additives, etc.).


Energy and the Environment

INDEOL, Investigaciones y Desarrollos Eólicos

A company whose main objective is to develop innovative technologies for application in wind turbine blades and other renewable technologies.

Nabrawind Technologies

Logo Nabrawind

Nabrawind Technologies is dedicated to the design and development of advanced wind technologies for wind turbine components, as well as engineering services advisory.

3S, Soluciones y Sistemas Solares

A company whose objective is to integrate the engineering, installation and servicing of photovoltaic power plants. It also creates energy solutions based on energy efficiency.

Solaris Bus & Coach

logo solaris

Homologated manufacturer of complete vehicles and chassis that offers sustainable urban transport solutions with its range of hybrid and electric buses.


Apolo Films

European studio (located in Navarra) mainly dedicated to the production, distribution and marketing of animated feature films for cinema based on well-known international characters.

Inveready Seed Capital SCR

A venture capital company promoted by Inveready Capital Company, whose partners are private investors and family offices with wide-ranging experience in investment in non-listed companies in their early stages of life. It invests in technology companies, mainly in the ICT, nanotechnology, biotechnology and renewable energy sectors.

ONENA, Operador Neutro Navarra

Onena (Operator Neutral Navarra, SL) is a neutral operator of fiber optic (FTTH; fiber to the home) focused on infrastructure development of ultra-fast networks and subsequent open leasing to telecom operators so that they can offer services access and interconnection through that FTTH to companies and individuals.

Open Bravo

Set up by entrepreneurs from Navarra, its product is ERP (Entrerprise Resources Planning) software developed within the Open Source philosophy (licences that allow the end user to modify the product and distribute it freely).


A fund aimed at investments in the ICT sector (hardware, software, networks, communications, services, digital content and e-commerce).

Sentil 2000

One of the main operators of services and integral solutions for automated vending in Spain, which operates all types of machines except tobacco. In addition, it sells and residually operates, dispensing machines for Personal Protective Equipment and other consumables (PPE).

TedCas Medical Systems

A company focused on the development and marketing of technologies (hardware and software), for the healthcare field. It provides access to, handling and searching medical information in hospital environments through the use of natural user interfaces (NUIs). By using TedCas medical personnel can monitor any kind of application in an aseptic manner.

Seed Capital / Start Up Capital Navarra

Abanza Technomed

Navarra company of research and development of instruments and medical devices specialized in biomedical innovation in the field of sports medicine.

Ápodo Creativitytech (Noxon)

Navarra company that develops, manufactures and sells, with its commercial brand ÁPODO, devices for audiovisual production that allow automatic camera movement.


The company Air-Rops takes the name of a new protection system for self-propelled vehicles, based on a new structure concept that expands automatically in a rollover situation, without driver intervention.

Agil Packaging System

Technological company that works with the objective of reinventing the packaging system for the bulky appliance by replacing expanded polystyrene (EPS or polyester) with a novel technique that focuses its main advantages in terms of reducing production costs, logistics and environmental costs.


A technology company in the agrifood sector that designs and manufactures devices for monitoring and controlling agricultural pests in real time.

Project of the II edition of Orizont, agrifood accelerator.

Alaz Arima

Technological company that develops refrigeration solutions applicable mainly to the renewable energy sector, based on exchangers with phase change.

Bee Standards

logo beestandards

Startup concerned about the recovery of natural pollination. Its objective is to help recover pollination levels that agricultural pesticides, diseases, environmental modifications and climate change have decimated internationally.

Project of the IV edition of Orizont, agrifood accelerator.


Technology company in the agrifood sector focused on the sensorization of fields in such a way that the farmer receives information in real time, of the main variables in which he can intervene in order to improve his crops and integrate with agricultural irrigation systems.

Project of the I edition of Orizont, agrifood accelerator.

Casilda y Jimena

logo casilda

Exclusive fashion firm for children and women, of an artisanal character that differ thanks to the use of materials such fabrics as cashmere, alpaca or merino wool not used to date for children's fashion.

CO2 Revolution

logo co2

Solution against the carbon footprint through a new technological system of mass planting (smart seeds) by means of drones.

Project of the IV edition of Orizont, agrifood accelerator.

Cocuus System

Technological company of the food sector dedicated to the sale of cutting machines, engraving, decoration and printing of food and other materials for haute cuisine.

Project of the III edition of Orizont, agrifood accelerator.

Eolive Vertical

An engineering company that maintains wind turbines. Eolive offers blade engineering at the height of the turbine, with innovative access solutions.

Estudios Melitón


Business project that offers professional film studios in the Campus of Lekaroz and, at the same time, training of qualified professionals in the film industry.


Technology-based company that designs, develops and markets non-invasive clinical diagnostic equipment by detecting exhaled biomarkers, i.e., present in human breath.


Technological company that develops software to improve the productivity of the purchasing departments of companies in the agrifood sector.

Project of the II edition of Orizont agrifood accelerator.


Technology company that develops drones for civil and agricultural applications.

Project of the I edition of Orizont agrifood accelerator.


Microclimatic control system and monitoring of fermentation in wooden barrels through the use of Smart data.

Project of the IV edition of Orizont, agrifood accelerator.

Green Killer Weeds

Technology company of the agrifood sector that manufactures machinery for the elimination of weeds in crops in a totally ecological way through the use of electro-waves.

Project of the III edition of Orizont, agrifood accelerator.


helixnorth technidrone

Navarra company dedicated to the design and sale of drones, as well as the provision of services that facilitate access to remote places.


Technology company that develops an intelligent system of self-production of vegetables in urban environments.

Project of the III edition of Orizont, agrifood accelerator.

iAR, Industrial Augmented Reality

Technological company that develops and implements industrial solutions through advanced applications of augmented reality.

Ikan Biotech - The Zebrafish Lab

Company that offers analytical services in the biosanitary and environmental area, using the zebrafish.


Navarra company that has developed a new work process management methodology, inspired by the concept of Lean Manufacturing, designed for the optimization of the professional cleaning sector.

Leunamme Technology

Navarre company developer of a wind turbine component change system and tower assembly without crane use.

Lifeak Job Accommodation Solutions for Life

Navarra company dedicated to the improvement of opportunities and welfare of people with disabilities both in the professional as in the leisure and domestic fields.

Making Genetics

Company that offers services in genomics research base, as the preparation and design of projects, conducting genetic and epigenetic determinations and interpretation of results and statistical analysis. It also develops new genetic and epigenetic panels for resale and marketing.

MG Nutrición 3G

Navarra company that develops and markets nutritional genetic tests.

Project of the I edition of Orizont, agrifood accelerator.


It is an online community that facilitates the resolution of microtasks of the day to day putting in contact people who need help in their activities with people able and trained to help them.


Booking software through a cross-cloud platform that enables online booking in sport centres via computer, a smartphone and Facebook. Email and SMS reminder services and interactivity between registered users complete the package.


Navarra company dedicated to the production of insects to obtain proteins and nutrients.

Project of the II edition of Orizont, agrifood accelerator.


Navarra company dedicated to the commercialization of frozen, bagged and diced raw meat that facilitates the administration of the daily intake of pets (dogs and cats).


A company that provides design, planning and management services for pre-clinical and clinical trials. It provides a comprehensive service in the analysis of the data from these trials aimed at the pharmaceuticals industry and laboratories and clinics, specifically at research and development areas or departments.

Sanae Corp. Alimentaria

Navarra company that prepares dishes prepared for food intolerances with healthy foods.

Start Up Capital Navarra

An Enterprise Development Company with public and private participation aimed at investment in innovative business projects in their initial phases (seed capital and start-up).

Stone Cooker

logo stonecooker

Startup dedicated to the manufacture of "Suiseki" tables, a new gastronomic and social experience that consists of creating a 100 % natural volcanic stone table where diners interact and, at the same time, the food is cooked.

Project of IV edition of Orizont, agrifood accelerator.

Tu Speaking

logo tuspeaking

English e-learning platform aimed at companies, institutions and professionals that exploits a new method of learning ‘on demand’.

Useful Wastes

Navarra company that develops technology for the reuse of waste from desalination.

Project of the II edition of Orizont, agrifood accelerator.


Navarreacompany that packages and pasteurizes fresh vegetables for marketing.

Project of the II edition of Orizont, agrifood accelerator.

Vision Quality

Navarra company that designs, develops and manufactures inspection and classification machines based on vision and artificial intelligence for the food and beverage industry.

Vitale, Intelligent Training System

A company that has developed a cloud platform for specific sports prescriptions aimed at fitness and health professionals so that they can improve and complement their training programmes for their customers.

Velites Sport

Engaged in designing, manufacturing and marketing nationally and internationally customized products for sports practice, especially for crossfit and functional fitness.

Welfare Tracker

Navarra company that develops animal welfare measurement systems through biometric devices.

Project of the III edition of Orizont, agrifood accelerator.

Wise Nature

Navarre company that prepares mixtures of superfoods and own vegan products.

Project of the III edition of Orizont, agrifood accelerator.


Navarra manufacturer of sauces, creams and spreads. it develops tailored to the needs of the client recipes, in classic and pasta sauces, in soups and cold creams, topping pizza sauces, fish sauces with seawater and salty spreads or sweet for breakfast, among others proposals.

Zapa and Friends

Navarra company that develops and markets a tool for the natural acquisition of a foreign language through multimedia content adapted for children.


Navarra company that develops and markets fresh and dehydrated citrus solutions (orange, lemon, etc.) cut and packaged for hotels and catering establishments.


Alai Termoformados

Navarra company, a subsidiary of the Guipuzcoan Plastics Alai, dedicated to the transformation of plastic by extrusion and thermoforming processes.

Bacaicoa Industrias Plásticas

Navarre family business dedicated to the manufacture of plastic film for the food and industrial sectors.


Navarre company dedicated to the design and manufacture of office furniture and chairs.


Associated labor cooperative engaged in the manufacture and marketing of elements that give functionality and aesthetics to white goods and provide solutions man - machine interface and sealing by printed gaskets.

Fondo de Desarrollo Turístico SPE, S.A. (FONDETUR)

A limited company for the promotion of companies whose aim is to develop a chain of hotels with charm’ in rural areas of Navarra, aimed at the medium-high segment of the market (4-star hotels with 25-30 rooms).

Mondragón Navarra SPE

A capital fund for the development of creation of companies related to MCC Inversiones SPE, S.Coop., through a temporary stake in their equity capital.

Parque de la Naturaleza de Navarra - Sendaviva

A company set up by the Directorate-General of Commerce and Tourism of the Government of Navarra. It is a leisure/theme park located in a natural setting near Arguedas (Navarra).

Rodona Industria Gráfica

Navarre graphic arts company dedicated exclusively to printing by digital systems in both black and white and color.

Salinas de Navarra

A company that produces, transforms and markets vacuum salt for such diverse applications as the food sector, industry, or water treatment.

Sic Lázaro

Company whose main business lines are related to the manufacture and sale of counterweights for concrete and iron elevators, large counterweights and machinery chassis.


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