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Since the mid-20th century the progressive increase in the number of vehicles on the roads has led to a rise in the number of accidents, often caused and/or aggravated by mechanical defects or other failures in the vehicles involved.

Back in 1963, an international seminar was held in Brussels and the following agreement was reached: all European countries would implement a Technical Inspection of Vehicles (TIV) system that would be obligatory for certain categories of vehicles.

Towards the end of the 1980s the regional legislation transposing the European legislation in the field was implemented in Navarre. The law extended the requirement to all private cars with a Vehicle Registration Certificate, which had to undergo a TIV.

The Government of Navarre then called a tender to select the supplier for this new service, one that affected a large part of the population. The German company TÜV Rheinland Navarra won the tender and was granted the administrative authorisation to implement the service and manage a TIV Station in the Pamplona area, in Mercairuña.

The regional government considered its presence in this company as an essential factor in ensuring the correct provision of a service that was regulated by public legislation. As a result, Sodena became a partner in TÜV Rheinland Navarra, S.A. in 1989. Once the service was fully up and running Sodena started to gradually reduce its presence, although it maintained its stake in the company until 1998.

TÜV Rheinland Navarra provides users with excellent facilities equipped with innovative technologies, together with the knowledge and experience of a prestigious German company. It has strictly followed standards and directives both in terms of installations and machinery, in addition to the technical expertise of its operators, thereby ensuring quality and making a contribution to the personal safety of motorists.

Con el paso de los años, surgieron estaciones de ITV en otros puntos de la geografía navarra, así como otras empresas, como Revisiones Navarra, que facilitaban este servicio a los usuarios.

Over the years, other TIV stations have appeared all over Navarre, together with other companies such as Revisiones Navarra, to provide this service to motorists.

The Technical Inspection of Vehicles service has a direct impact on one of the three key pillars in ensuring road safety and contributing to the protection of the environment, as well as to the socioeconomic development and well-being of the region.

Carlos Fernández Valdivielso
Managing Director, Sodena

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