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There is no doubt about the cross-cutting nature of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector and its contribution to business development and the information society. In the field of companies, for example, ICTs favour innovation in new business models and organisational processes, which in turn leads to major improvements in productivity.

Thanks to technology it is possible to manage processes, communications, information and data that individuals, companies and other bodies need to save.

Information security first, following by cybersecurity (with the arrival of the Internet) are, therefore, two key activities that have evolved and been developed over the years. R&D plays a key role in these areas.

In 2006, the public company NGA (currently integrated within Sodena) acquired a share of S21sec, a company that specialises in digital security services and technology. The objective was to protect the information and other critical digital assets of high value to organisations.

The incorporation of NGA as a shareholder in S21sec enabled the company to set up a Security Operations Centre in Navarra to offer a continuous 24/7 security follow-up and monitoring service, plus an R&D centre. Two activities which, in addition to be pioneering and exclusive in our region, have created a high number of highly-skilled jobs with international certification.

In 2012 (the year in which Sodena’s divestment process in the company was completed), the firm became a national benchmark in its specialist field (26 of the 35 companies listed on the IBEX are its customers). It is also involved in a major process of international expansion.

The investment in S21Sec represented an ideal response to one of our objectives: identify lines of activity in ICTs with potential for growth that are viable and able to generate skilled employment in Navarra.

Carlos Fernández Valdivielso
Managing Director, Sodena

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