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S21sec, committed to security.

S21sec started out in 2000 with a clear aim: to protect digital assets and respond successfully and in time to online fraud and cybersecurity threats.

Based on a vision of security as a means of generating confidence and trust in society, over the years the company has developed a wide range of products and services designed to guarantee the security of information systems in companies and institutions.

It does not just focus on the global management of risk, but also on prevention. Within this framework, S21sec is committed to a new model of cybersecurity in which training and certification are key elements.

S21sec is also firmly committed to research and development, with an investment in this area of 25% its annual budget. A good example is the creation of the first European R&D+i centre specialised in cybersecurity, with laboratories dedicated to the protection of the latest technologies. S21sec carries out state-of-the-art projects from this centre.

S21sec started out with a team of eight people. Nowadays, 300 specialists in security who are certified and internationally recognised carry out projects in 26 countries, in 20% of the companies listed on the Dow Jones Eurotoxx 50, and in almost all those listed on the IBEX35, which are its customers.


  • 2000 - S21sec is constituted.
  • 2006 - Start-up of the first European R&D+i centre to carry out research into security solutions. Creation of the first 24/7 Security Operations Centre 24x7 (SOC). Entry of Sodena.
  • 2007 - S21sec begins a strategy of national and international expansion (opening offices in Mexico and London).
  • 2009 - S21sec, recognised by Gartner as one of the 5 best companies in the world in the fight against phishing.
  • 2011 - S21sec heads the CAPER project, in cooperation with the main security agencies involved in the prevention of organised crime.
  • 2012 - Lookwise is born as a security solutions company to market S21sec’s technology worldwide. Exit of Sodena.
  • 2013 - S21sec joins leading European security firms to create the European Cyber Security Group (ECSG).

A commitment to security and research

foto CEO S21secIn S21sec we have always gone for controlled, intelligent and balanced security that enables companies to fulfil their strategic objectives. We believe in people, development and growth in a digital environment of trust and peace of mind.

We never lose sight of the fact that the safeguarding of our customers’ key information systems depends on our work. This approach has made us a benchmark company at national and international level in the field of cybersecurity.

Sodena’s participation strengthened our consolidation process and served as a stimulus to continue progressing in one of our differentiating elements: research. Naturally, another factor is that we are operating in an environment that provides us with highly-qualified and specialised human resources.

Xabier Mitxelena
CEO and founder of S21sec




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