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Towards the end of the 1980s four entrepreneurs from Navarra decided to look for a new, completely innovative product in other countries that did not exist in Spain, with the idea of producing it in our region from beginning to end. They were the promoters of Vega Mayor. The product: fresh vegetables, cleaned, cut and ready to eat: the ‘fourth range’.

Apart from the novelty of the fourth range, the business project involved other innovative factors related to production technology and consumption in order to satisfy the new lifestyle and eating patterns that were emerging.

In 1999 Sodena took a stake in Vega Mayor (until 2001) with the aim of supporting the investment in its new plant in the town of Milagro. This facility would later support the company’s strong growth and be a technologically state-of-the-art plant to compete with those in any other European country.

The company’s results in this facility leave no room for doubt from the point of view of production and the creation and maintenance of jobs.

This process turned Vega Mayor into a company that drove development in the agrifood sector, not only in Navarra but in the whole of Spain, because it generated new and hitherto undiscovered market niches.

Basically, the company opened up new directions and generated wealth and employment in a sector that already seemed consolidated in Navarra. It proved to be −and still is − a key element in the development of our region.

Carlos Fernández Valdivielso
Managing Director, Sodena

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