• strategic sectors

Sodena’s activity focuses on strategic sectors aligned to those defined in the ‘Moderna’ Plan.

These sectors are:

In this sector Sodena aims to consolidate the existing fabric (an international benchmark) and drive its growth. To do this, it works proactively in the search for projects – both the development of drugs and of a more industrial nature – by interacting with the extensive range of stakeholders in the region.

Navarra is a pioneer region in the generation of electricity from renewables and the manufacture of equipment, mainly related to the wind power sector. Sodena wishes to continue driving the development of technologies that generate energy by taking advantage of the natural and inexhaustible resources we have. Sodena is also committed to energy efficiency; it will support projects that focus on the reduction of energy consumption and others that are beneficial for our environment.

The agrifood sector is one of Navarra’s leading sectors thanks to its strong presence in the region, both from the point of view of contribution to GDP and of creating jobs. It is a sector made up of a varied business fabric, with some internationally recognised companies. Sodena provides financial support through venture capital for investment opportunities that are related to innovation and technological development, have potential for growth and merger operations that seek to achieve minimally efficient size.

The ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) sector is the one that has grown fastest in recent years and is a key economic driver of advanced societies, both through its own growth and the fact that it drives the development of other sectors.
Sodena’s strategy aims to identify the lines of greater potential growth and development possibilities in Navarra in the different ICT areas to favour the creation and consolidation of their business fabric and their international expansion.


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