• investment criterias

Criteria for investment in projects:

  • Location of the project in Navarra, or a commitment to set up a registered office and activity in Navarra with a management team mainly based in the region.

  • Developers who make a financial commitment and are willing to assign a temporary participation to third partiess.

  • A management team with the right skills, and committed to the project.

  • Project:

  • - a solid business base, with strong prospects for growth, backed up by a Business Plan, without competitors in Navarra and with a global vision,

    - innovative or differential that generates economic and social benefits in Navarra,

    - positive consideration will be given to a project and/or business that carries out its activity within sectors that are considered a priority for Navarra with the context of regional development policy.

  • Depending on the size of the project, financial support will be given through co-financing.

  • Partnership agreements, in the case of acquiring a participation, with clear content - discussed before formalising participation – around exit mechanisms, changes to shareholdings, time of permanence, preferential settlements, trigger clauses and sale options.

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